My review of neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents at, October 2009

"Keith Gilbert's book Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Liberating Parents is a breakthrough in understanding parenting and the development of parenting skills.

The author appreciates as I do from my own 23 years of fatherhood that it's a parent's willingness to develop and improve ourselves that produces most surely the health, happiness and success we want for our children. I hope Keith's work receives the acclaim it deserves.

This is my favourite parenting book ever."

"My goal is to offer NLP as the blueprint for human communication. Rather than impose ideas or beliefs about what you should be doing as an NLP consultant I encourage you to make the best use of your own resources to find creative solutions to personal challenges and discover what is most interesting to you, what you really want to be passionate about.

This makes NLP the ideal model for human relationships. And this is exactly how parents want to relate to their children.

And all you need to learn is the 'how'.

When I teach parents how they can apply NLP to their own lives they soon see how they can influence their children in exceptional ways. If you have children then you want to ensure that they keep what's most important to any person… the freedom to choose.

With Liberating Parents you can learn NLP to explore what's important to you, set personal goals, develop greater behavioural flexibility and generate resourceful states of mind.

Liberating Parents - it's about modeling exceptional behaviour."
- Keith Gilbert

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Keith Gilbert
Also by Keith Gilbert
The new, revolutionary approach to developing high self-esteem and understanding and managing your emotions

Emotions. Everything starts with emotions. Every thought, every choice, every decision and every action we take is motivated by emotions. The quality of our lives is dependent upon our emotions. Regardless of how little or how much we have materially our emotions determine how much enjoyment and satisfaction we experience.

For many of us emotions are things that happen to us; they are mysterious and out of our control. And then there is emotional intelligence. Some people have what we might call high emotional intelligence. They are able to deal with unpleasant emotions very quickly turning negatives into positives. These people would also rather make choices and decisions while in resourceful states of mind, so they have strategies - whether they are consciously aware of them or not - that they use to generate pleasant and resourceful emotions. Where many people are convinced that they are at the mercy of their emotional habits like anger, depression, jealousy and low self-esteem, to name a few, those people with high emotional intelligence have learned to both treat their emotions as allies and change them when necessary to enjoy life more of the time. These strategies can be learned and applied in our own lives.

If you have had enough of being at the mercy of unpleasant and unresourceful emotions you are ready to develop your emotional intelligence for greater success, better relationships and a lot more enjoyment and fun.

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Keith Gilbert (Cert. Grad NLP) is an NLP Consultant and Life Coach in Sydney, Australia, and the author of neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents. My favourite parenting book ever.
(co-authored with Leesa Schuh)


In this increasingly confusing, complex and competitive world teenagers need, more than ever, the skills and resources they need to protect themselves while creating the life that they want. This means, Mum and Dad, that they're going to need to learn how to discover what is important to them, learn how to generate their own mental and emotional balance, and learn how to find their own purposes and achieve their own goals. To this end there is no finer set of tools than Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Teenagers can learn NLP to achieve all of the above and more. Teenagers: Your Essential Guide to the Weird World of... Adults will show your teenagers how to use language effectively, how to protect themselves from the impositions of others, and how to discover what is most important to them and translate their personal criteria into desirable, personal goals.

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I gave a copy of this book to my son on his 13th birthday.
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