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27 November 2011

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How your baby's body is adapted to being carried
by Elizabeth

Some mammals leave their babies in hidden places. Other mammalian young are physically developed enough to follow their mothers by themselves right after birth. Quack quack. Our babies don't fit either bill. Human infants are born far from knowing how to walk and are not meant to be left in nests. Human infants evolved to expect closeness, their survival depends on it. Luckily their flexed little bodies are adapted to being carried.

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Fun with Analogies: Co-Sleeping and Knives, Car Travel and Guns
by PhDinParenting
The City of Milwaukee Health Department wants to tell you that co-sleeping is like letting your baby sleep with a sharp knife . They are sharing this news via two new posters (one with a black baby one with a white baby) that tell parents that babies can die when sleeping in adult beds and that warn parents to always put their baby to sleep on its back in a crib. They also give a phone number for people to call if they cannot afford a crib.

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Dr. Sears Addresses Recent Co-Sleeping Concerns
by William Sears, M.D.

Every night millions of mothers and babies the world over sleep close to each other, and the babies wake up just fine.  Instead of alarming conscientious parents, like the recent shocking and insensitive ad campaign in Milwaukee did, as reported in the Journal Sentinel, sleep advisors should be teaching parents how to co-sleep safely.

Since I'm a show-me-the-science doctor, consider the following ...

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A Place to Rest
by Chris White, M.D.

The DNA of western culture is laced with anxiety and keeps us in constant motion. Everywhere we look there are subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) messages that "we must never be satisfied with simply keeping up with the Jones'; we must surpass them!" The result is that our nervous systems rarely come to a state of rest and our bodies and minds suffer through a life of chronic stress.

We must ask ourselves, "Is this the life we want for our children?"

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The Power of the Compassionate Imagination
by Christine Carter, Ph.D.

I'm not sure I fully understood how completely different the world is now compared to the world that I grew up in until one moment several years ago on a school night in a supermarket at 5:15 pm where I was shopping with my two small children. Two small children, I might add, who were misbehaving.

Now, every parent knows that you don't go grocery shopping with your kids at dinnertime, when everyone is cranky and hungry and tired and the lines are really long.

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The Parenting Mirror
by mamapoekie

Parenting can offer the ultimate opportunity of overwriting the mistakes in your own education. If you open yourself up to change, in time, and with a lot of conscious effort, you can become a totally different person. Becoming a parent is a life altering experience in itself, no matter how you approach it.

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Adultism and Parenting for Social Change, Part 1
by Teresa Graham Brett, JD

"In our own lives, even if we fight against racial injustice, even if we fight for world peace, even if we fight for a sustainable world, if we are using our power over the children in our lives, we are perpetuating injustice and oppression. We are setting children up to accept a world that is based on the more powerful controlling the less powerful."

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Schools and Minds
by Ian Rowland

There's a new TV show in the works that I like the sound of. The basic idea is to take a group of youngsters aged 16-18 who have failed all their exams and set up a special Summer school for them. Various celebs will act as teachers, for example a famous sports star will teach sport and physical fitness, while Gordon Brown will teach personal warmth and how to fake a convincing smile. The show will explore the question of whether the kids 'failed' at school, or whether the school system failed the kids, and to see if a different approach to 'schooling' might unlock more of their potential.

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It's Only Natural that Kids Hate Schooling
by Linda Dobson

All children deserve an education. It's sad and detrimental to society that what they get instead is schooling.

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Slaving Away in the School Factory
by Wendy Priesnitz

One of the criticisms of families who live as if school doesn't exist is that the kids "aren't doing anything"… or at least not anything they couldn't be doing on the weekends and going to school too. I used to try and convince these people that school is harmful, that there's not much real learning goes on there, that learning happens best as a by-product of living, and so on. But I've come to realize that it's a no-win argument because the criticism is based on emotion - in this case, resentment - rather than on facts.

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Would You Sit By and Let Your Children Slowly Starve to Death?
by Linda Dobson

I can almost hear what you're thinking. Linda's flipped her ever-lovin' lid. Why in the world would she ask parents if they'd watch their children slowly starve to death? Of course they wouldn't. Their love for their children would cause them to instantly intervene. For starters, they'd get their children out of the situation causing the children to slowly starve to death. Next, they'd find out what the children want to eat, then move heaven and earth to get it for them. The parents would lovingly prepare the sustenance, and feed the children the appropriate amount in the appropriate way, offering kind encouragement throughout repeated feedings.

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Mom's Story: When School Left My Child Behind...He Was Finally Able to Learn
by Jo-Anne Tracy

Editor's note: The story of Jo-Anne Tracy's son who experts called ineducable, dispels many learning myths i.e. there are many lessons to learn from a dropout, you don't need a teacher or a class to learn, you don't need to know phonics to know how to read, ADD/ADHD can be a symptom of school, there's a lot you can learn by doing rather than by sitting and getting inside a classroom, and more. When she escaped the system, he was finally able to learn. I asked her to share his amazing story. Here it is.

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Why I Unschooled My Three Kids
by Julie Taylor

When we heard about unschooling this week on "GMA," [Good Morning America] we weren't sure what it was all about. We wanted to find a mom who had unschooled her kids and felt this was the right decision for her family. That led us to Sandra Dodd, who unschooled her three children -- now aged 18, 21 and 23. They never had one day of "normal school" -- and Dodd has no regrets.

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Unschooling Reading and Writing
by Amy

I was having a conversation with another unschooling mother about teaching our children to read.  She asked me how my oldest son learned all of his letters.

At the time I drew a blank.  How did he know all his letters?  I certainly never "taught" them to him in the conventional sense.  We never sat down to do workbooks, trace letters over and over, or practiced reading on those boring learning to read books.

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How a game designer would 'teach' cell structures
by Clark Aldrich

The restrictions of traditional passive media have shaped schools and formal education experiences more than we can possible imagine. So it is useful to consider how content might be structured using new technology.

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Australian Unschooling Conference
by Dayna Martin

I just returned from Australia where I was the keynote speaker at the Australian Unschooling Conference. It was an amazing event with many families who attended last year's event to share in the connection with other Unschoolers again. There was also many new families attending who were new to the concept of Radical Unschooling. I worked with families one on one between my speaking sessions late into the evenings of the conference. There was an ongoing theme among these families, and that was the idea of life without limits was a very fearful idea to them.

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Goodbye Unschooling, Hello Life!
by Anna

It's my 19th birthday on Monday.

Last spring, if I had stayed in school and been a normal kid I would've graduated from high school. This fall I probably would've started a college program, or perhaps taken a year abroad or worked for a year to save up money.

But I didn't stay in school, and my life didn't take that path.

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The Universe Awaits
by Starrwyn Tonkin

Unschooling - how has it shaped the person I am today?

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Education is a Sexy Market
by Dale J. Stephens

Education is a sexy market: the costs of education are rising while the quality is declining.  It shows all the signs of being ripe for disruption.  That's why many entrepreneurs and investors are talking about starting-or finding-the "Facebook" of education.

But they won't find the Facebook of education.  Not because it doesn't exist, but rather because they are looking for the pulse of a technology company.  The difference with education-or learning as I prefer to call it-is that it is inherently human.

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How I Parent

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Monkey See, Monkey Don't!

"The people who taught us how to 'do' life were our parents. For some of us mum and dad were less than ideal role models. Even if they were outstanding examples of success both personally and professionally the world they thrived in has changed massively."

If you're living in Australia, and perhaps especially if you have "digital native" children, this may be of interest to you. 

A new book and a series of workshops from Paul Blackburn and Jules Tarrant of Beyond Success, recent recipients of the 2011 Coaching Business of the Year Award from the Australian and New Zealand Coaching Institute.

Find out more at

Beat Depression (The Drug Free Way)

A new and eagerly awaited book from Ian White, originator of Af-x® Therapy (and the only person ever to write an article exclusively for the Parental Intelligence Newsletter).

"What To Do If, With All The Medication & Advice, You Still Can't Escape The Pain and Darkness Of Depression"

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Y'All Busted

Rapper Chill E B's take on so called "ADHD".

Watch the video at (4 mins 35 secs)


School psychologist Don Asbridge's highly informative multi-media online magazine.  The link below is to the November 2011 edition.

Visit to read, watch and learn

Class Dismissed

"A Film About Learning Outside of the Classroom"

"Class Dismissed will be the first full-length documentary devoted to exploring homeschooling as a viable alternative to traditional schooling.
As homeschoolers ourselves, we are constantly reminded by the degree to which the public misperceptions of homeschooling are far removed from reality. With this documentary we hope to both educate the general public as well as inspire the existing homeschool community.
But we can't do it alone: we need your support & guidance!"

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Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposium

December 28-31, 2011

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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