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November 2011
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A page about Ian White, Affectology and Af-x® Therapy created in July 2009 as a supplement to Issue 158 of the Parental Intelligence Newsletter
Ian White is the originator of Affectology and the developer of Af-x Psychotherapy.

His Af-x Therapy is the unique, revolutionary and highly effective approach born out of the study of Affectology and is the much-needed move away from the interpretation and analysis of the other psychotherapies, particularly counseling and talk therapy.

White is responsible for the formation of Affectology as a discretely therapy-directed study of new under-standings of the nature of the human emotional matrix - a neuroscientific study of deeper non-verbal (silent) emotional traces to how we learned to unconsciously respond to life events before our ability to think in cognitive ways (using words). The neuroscience tells us that these early reactive learnings don't go away, and in many cases remain in some influential form stored (encoded) at unconscious level of mind, latently reactive in present time.

Because of a sound history based in Zen Mindfulness approaches to emotional healing, and years as a psychotherapist using 'guided mindfulness' methods and approaches to Eastern 'quiet therapies', White further developed his affectology findings in a way that allowed for a marriage of the emotional mind and mindfulness therapy. This marriage resulted in the development of Af-x, where the neuroscience-based facts about our 'silent self' have been absorbed into a manner of helping that eschews the use of excessive client reporting and talking about problems and symptoms.

So Af-x therapy is almost the opposite to every other therapeutic approach, and over his years of pioneering research, White showed that much of its success lay in a strict adherence to the very concepts that make it so different. He found it necessary to legally register the term 'Af-x®' and apply this term to the therapy in order to safeguard the high standard of training in this approach. 

Af-x is an advanced, non-intrusive approach that helps YOU to use your own subconscious mind's inner abilities and your own inherent resources to privately and gently resolve the underlying affect cause of your symptoms, problems or difficulties.

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