The Parental Intelligence "Hall of Fame"

People who have their own page at this website

Keith Gilbert

NLP Consultant and Life Coach in Sydney, Australia. Author of neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents, my favourite parenting book ever.

Janet Balaskas

Founder of the Active Birth Movement, and childbirth educator.

Sarah J. Buckley MD

Trained GP/family physician with qualifications in GP-obstetrics and family planning. Mother of four home born children. Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor's Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices.

Pinky McKay

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and mum of five. Author of Toddler Tactics, Sleeping Like a Baby and 100 Ways to Calm the Crying.

Jan Hunt

Director of the Natural Child Project, an attachment parenting/unschooling counselor, and a member of the Board of Directors of the CSPCC (Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). Author of The Natural Child: Parenting From the Heart.

Robin Grille

Psychologist in private practice with twenty years' experience, and a parenting educator. Author of Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting.

Christopher White MD

Board-certified pediatrician, parent educator, and life coach. Creator and director of Essential Parenting, an organisation that emphasizes the psycho-emotional and spiritual development of children and their parents.

Teresa Graham Brett

Has spent over 20 years committed to advancing social change and social justice in universities, as an educator, leader, administrator, and consultant. Author of Parenting for Social Change.

Fred A. Baughman Jr. MD

Adult and child neurologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. Author of The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children.

John Breeding PhD

Psychologist for over 25 years, working with adults, children and families in Austin, Texas, and around the world. Author of The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses and other books.

Laurie A. Couture

Attachment Parenting and unschooling coach, public speaker and the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children's Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended.

Wendy Priesnitz

Book author, award winning journalist, editor, former broadcaster, business owner, and mother of two adult daughters. Owner of Life Media, which she co-founded with her husband Rolf in 1976, and Natural Life Magazine.

Linda Dobson

Homeschooling mother since 1985. Author of The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self. Columnist for Home Education Magazine.

Beverley Paine

Began homeschooling in 1986. Founder of the South Australian Home Based Learners network. Author of Natural Learning: Answers for Home Educating Parents and other books.

Laura Grace Weldon

Author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. Her background includes teaching non-violence workshops, writing poetry with nursing home residents, developing enrichment programs, and homeschooling her four children.

Sandra Dodd

Unschooling advocate, speaker at homeschooling and unschooling conferences, and author of Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling. One of the best parenting books I've ever read.

Clark Aldrich

Global education thought leader. Educational game designer. Author of Simulations and the Future of Learning and Unschooling Rules.

Ian White

Originator of Affectology and the developer of Af-x® Psychotherapy. Author of Beat Depression The Drug Free Way. The only person ever to write an article exclusively for the Parental Intelligence Newsletter.

People who featured in Guiding Stars of the New Parenting Movement Volume 1

Michael Mendizza

Author, educator, documentary filmmaker and founder of Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning design center. Co-author with Joseph Chilton Pearce of Magical Parent-Magical Child, the Art of Joyful Parenting.

Laura M. Ramirez

Author of Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting and author/publisher of Family Matters Parenting Magazine.

Pam Leo

Independent scholar in human development, parent educator, certified childbirth educator, doula, parent, grandparent, and creator of Connection Parenting.

Alfie Kohn

Lecturer in human behaviour, education, and parenting. Author of Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason and other books.

Marc Prensky

Internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, educator, consultant, and innovator in the field of education and learning. Author of Digital Game-Based Learning and Don't Bother Me Mom - I'm Learning. Founder and CEO of Games2Train.

Kelly Wendorf

Writer, author, public speaker, facilitator and social entrepreneur. Founder of Kindred magazine and its online community.

Jan Fortune

Poet, novelist, and home educator. Author of Winning Parent, Winning Child: Parenting So Everbody Wins.

People who featured in Guiding Stars of the New Parenting Movement Volume 2

Aletha Solter PhD

Developmental psychologist, recognized internationally as an expert on attachment, trauma, and non-punitive discipline. Author of The Aware Baby, Helping Young Children Flourish, Tears and Tantrums, and Raising Drug-Free Kids. Founder of The Aware Parenting Institute.

Kim Wildner

Author of Mother's Intention: How Belief Shapes Birth. HypnoBirthing® Certified Educator. Creator of the Fearless Birthing™ Workshop.

Naomi Aldort

Internationally renowned parenting counselor, advice-columnist, and public speaker. Author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Transforming Parent-Child Relationships from Reaction and Struggle to Freedom, Power and Joy.

John W. Travis MD

Founder of the world's first wellness centre. Author of the Wellness Inventory; co-author with Regina Ryan of the Wellness Workbook. Co-founder of the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (aTLC).

Meryn Callander

Co-founder of the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (aTLC). Author of Why Dads Leave: Insights & Resources for When Partners Become Parents.

Scott Noelle

Parenting coach and writer. Publisher of The Daily Groove. Creator of The PATH Program.

Other people of note (in alphabetical order)

Thomas Armstrong PhD

Award-winning author and speaker with over thirty-five years of teaching experience from the primary through the doctoral level, and over one million copies of his books in print on issues related to learning and human development.  Author of fourteen books, the most recent of which is The Power of Neurodiversity:  Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain.

Donald L. Asbridge EdS, LEP

School psychologist in California, USA. Expert on how what I choose to call "the psychiatric labels scam" operates in the American school system. Shenanigans explained in plain English and with a much appreciated sense of humour.

Ronit Baras

Motivational speaker, author, founder of Be Happy in LIFE life coaching. Writes extensively on parenting and personal development through her blog Family Matters.

Doug Bench

Known as "America's Brain Training Guy". Educator, author, and motivational speaker specialising in science-based performance and achievement. Excerpts from his (now defunct) Possibilities! newsletter were a feature of the Parental Intelligence Newsletter in its earliest years.

Steve Biddulph

One of the world's best loved parenting authors and educators. His books include The Secret of Happy Children, More Secrets of Happy Children, Raising Boys, and The New Manhood.

Judy Breck

"Arguably the internet's most persistent (1997-2011) learning node connective education advocate". Creator of  the Golden Swamp and of the concept of Handschooling. Sadly, died October 2011. At the time of writing, her websites are still being maintained and I hope that will be ongoing. "Findability in the global commons is the new core of education."

Edward de Bono

Regarded by many as the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. Author of 62 books, many of which are in my home library. Originator of lateral thinking which treats creativity as the behaviour of information in a self-organising information system - such as the neural networks in the brain. His book The Mechanism of Mind was a huge influence on the development of my parenting skills.

Roger Elliott

Hypnotherapist and co-founder with Mark Tyrrell of Uncommon Knowledge and Hypnosis Downloads. Sponsor of ADHD Report, where you will find the complete text of the Parental Intelligence Report on 'ADHD' , published in 2003, and Biopsychiatry Illuminated, a series of 40 articles I wrote and published in my newsletter under the title of The Candlelight Project in 2003-2004.

Joyce Fetteroll

Veteran unschooler. Discover an abundance of unschooling and parenting wisdom at her website Joyfully Rejoycing.

Dawn Fry

Child-friendly sleep and behaviour specialist. More than thirty years experience of caring for children as a licensed childcare provider, nanny and as a baby nurse. Founder and CEO of Helping Our Children Productions.

Caron Goode

Founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International. Author of Raising Intuitive Children: Guide Your Children to Know and Trust Their Gifts.

Jason Kotecki

Artist, author and speaker, known as "The Champion of Childhood". Creator of the Kim & Jason cartoon strip and of the concept of Adultitis. Founder with his wife Kim of the Escape Adulthood movement.  

Rue Kream

Veteran unschooler. Author of Parenting A Free Child: An Unschooled Life.

Pam Larrichia

Veteran unschooler. Author of Free to Learn: five ideas for a joyful unschooling life.

Penny Midas-Rollo

Founder of Project HappyChild, an awesome educational resource that I mentioned a number of times in my newsletter over the years. Begun on 4 March 1998, the project had grown to 28,054 pages by August 2012. All worksheets on this website are free for non-commercial purposes.

Marilyn Milos

Founder and Director of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), an organisation promoting genital integrity.

Jerry Mintz

A  leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years. Founder and Director (at the time of writing) of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO). Managing Editor of AERO's networking magazine, The Education Revolution.

Jordan Riak

Executive Director of Project NoSpank, an organisation dedicated to the eradication of corporal punishment in schools. Check the website for his free booklet Plain Talk About Spanking.

Barry Turner

University lecturer in the UK teaching on issues in mental health and medical ethics as well as research methodologies and ethics in psychology and criminology.  One of my main advisors during my four-year investigation into what I choose to call "the psychiatric labels scam". Some of his views on "ADHD" are available here on the Parental Intelligence website.

Donna Vail

Founder of An Inspired Education, a company "devoted to homeschooling families inspiring them to live extraordinary lives and empowering their children through self-education".

Win Wenger

Creator of Image-Streaming. Author of The Einstein Factor. Founder of The Renaissance Project. Generally regarded by those who know about such things as a modern day genius.

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